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War of Whispers, a supernatural novel about healing

I hope you enjoy this sample from my novel, War of Whispers. It is looking for a publishing home. CHAPTER ONE “Absolutely not, Annie.” Kat slammed down the mascara on the bathroom counter. She turned away from the mirror to face her daughter who was still in her pajamas. “But, Mom, I don’t feel good.” […]

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45 Years an Asthmatic – Healed!

Jim was a chronic asthmatic. The condition had dominated and controlled his whole life. When we prayed for him, the Holy Spirit brought his inner pain to the surface and he began to sob like a little boy! When we asked Jim what was happening, this ‘little boy’ told us that when he was six, […]

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Bitterness can block your healing

So let me ask you. Do you hold grudges? Do you retaliate by not forgiving someone? If so, be aware. Bitterness can block your healing.

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