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Book 1 in the War of Whispers Trilogy


A Supernatural Novel Received 5-Star reviews from Reader’s Favorite

     War of Whispers pulls out all the stops, drawing the reader into a world where spiritual warfare is real, where bitterness and blame have become the weapons of choice. Kat Kerrigan, a successful TV anchor is fired. With her husband away for a year, a new mortgage, and a chronically-ill teenage daughter, the timing couldn’t be worse. She has a choice. Will she listen to and agree with the dark whispers of anger and bitterness? Two guardian angels battle the forces of evil as they watch over her broken family in great need of healing. Is it too late to undo the damage of a betrayal that happened years before?

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BOOK 2  Echo_of_Whispers_Final_Cover-1 Front onlyin the War of Whispers Trilogy

 The Echo of Whispers received 5-Star Review 

Rejection follows Lina Baklanova at every turn in her life—at work, her love life, even her health.

Her guardian angels’ assignment? Help her overcome rejection, guide her into her kingdom destiny.         But heaven’s enemies are determined to keep her stuck in misery and illness.

To overcome the hurt, Lina must choose an unfamiliar path. Will she resist the evil whispers and  believe the Word of God?

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BOOK 3 in The War of Whispers Trilogy

Unloving Whispers

also received a 5-star review from Readers Favorite

Violet Vander is hungry for love and she has a secret. One she’s hidden since her dysfunctional childhood. Unloving demonic spirits taunt her with self-hatred.

Guardian angels battle to bring God’s truth so that she will reach her divine destiny. But when Vi’s secret is exposed, she must make a choice. Can she endure arduous spiritual battles to find freedom?

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Love is a Verb Devotional by Gary Chapman, Bethany House, 2011.

What’s the key to love that endures? Communicating your love–not only in words, but also in deeds. This book will         show you how with a year’s worth of daily examples of love in action. Be inspired by true stories from everyday people displaying love in concrete ways. Be encouraged that little acts of kindness can make all the difference. Love isn’t just a feeling. Martha’s true story, “Protection in the Night,” is featured on April 25th.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Answered Prayers by Jack Canfield, M. Hansen and LeAnn Thieman, 2011

Miracles happen all the time and these amazing stories of answered prayers will fill you with awe, inspire you and strengthen your faith and hope. “A Picture in a Prayer” is Martha’s story, featured as #20 about how God used a picture in a prayer to speak to her and to encourage her to believe for more.

Interview with Jodie Lynn:

Parenting 20-Something Kids: Recognizing Your Role As They Find Their Way, Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, 2005.

Available as E-BOOK on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Sony sites.

They’re still our kids, but they are young adults, trying to find their way in the world. How do we as parents respond? Do we give advice the way we did when they were teens? Do we listen, give them ear time? Do we rush to judge their decisions? Do we jump in to rescue them, time and again? Do we give them money when they ask? Do we allow them to come back home to live? How do we handle all these issues?

After talking with many parents who navigated through these years successfully, Martha came up with a phrase to guide her through her own children’s 20’s: Will this action or these words help build a healthier, stronger relationship with my adult child?

An article highlighting this book appears on

This book is on the recommended Parents Network at Baylor University.

Reviewed by Dr. Matsobane Manela, Dept. of Practical Theology, University of South Africa, S. A.

Also available on: Focus on the Family Store, Canada

Published in 2000, Held Captive by Futile Thoughts? Break Free! takes a look at how our thoughts affect our lives, often negatively, to the point of illness. Based on the author’s personal experience of facing the fear of “the other woman” in her marriage, along with the onset of middle age and feelings of self-worth, she recounts how her thoughts enslaved her, twisted her emotions and pulled her into a destructive, habitual pattern of thinking. Martha shares her struggle to break free from futile thinking. Through application of biblical principles, she was able to redeem her thought life to one of wholesome, healthy thinking.

The stories in Chicken Soup for the Military Wife’s Soul are written by military family members and the courageous women who themselves serve in the military. Each page celebrates the women who unite with kindred spirits to raise families, maintain homes and uphold the most positive attitudes when facing the fear of losing a loved one.

This special volume celebrates the unique bond between military spouses and their service members and their dedication to home and country.

Martha’s story, “Mail Call–God’s Provision for Intimacy,” highlights the importance of keeping in touch through letters, whether by regular mail or by e-mail. Maintaining connection, sharing the details of everyday life maintains a sense of intimacy and closeness that family members need. Martha recounts several funny anecdotes. One account was about how Daddy wrote about eating escargot while in port. The next day Martha found her three-year-old, Megan, in the backyard about to chomp down on a garden variety snail. “Stop!” Martha screamed, at which time little Megan burst into tears. “But Daddy eats snails!”

Stories from a Soldier’s Heart is a compilation of stories about modern-day military warriors. In a world bereft of heroes, the stories inspire citizens to believe that honor and patriotism are still alive in America. Martha’s story, “The Winner,” is a true account of her husband’s faith in his dream to graduate from the Naval Academy and command a warship at sea. At the time of this story, Midshipman Gorris was on academic probation and had just been told he must leave the Academy. He refused to see his dream be taken from him, so he prayed, then filed an appeal. “The Winner” relives those tortuous minutes before his final interview. Armed with his belief in himself and his faith in God, he stood proud. The board of Admirals recognized his determination. They allowed him to remain on as a Midshipman, but required him to repeat a year of studies. Retiring after thirty years in the Navy, Captain Gorris achieved his dreams–graduation the Dean’s List from the Naval Academy and a successful command at sea.

Ever been depressed and just the right song played, forcing your attention toward the good things in your life? Changed is a collection of true stories from real people who have experienced God’s power through listening to Christian music. Martha’s story, “A Change of Heart,” relates some of the disappointments she encountered as a military wife, often around deployment schedules and separations. She tells of a time when she was forced to stay behind in Virginia because of their children’s schooling and how her husband moved to Newport, RI for a nine-month school. Another separation, more of living life apart. One weekend she met her husband halfway, in PA, for a mini-honeymoon. It was a wonderful time of catching up, laughing together and just “being”. Sunday night came too soon, and as they said good-bye in the pouring rain, Martha felt her mood matching the black skies. Soon, though, as she headed south while her husband went north, she turned on a CD. Christian music filled the car, with words that reminded her to shift her focus. When she did, the depression lifted. She was changed by the power of Christian music.

What do you say and do when someone is hurting? All of us have wanted to offer comfort and support to someone experiencing intense pain or loss, but we often don’t know how. The author address over thirty of the most common heartaches people face. She removes the fear of involvement by helping us understand what that person is going through and provides a practical list of what to say, and not to say. Sample prayers to help the brokenhearted are offered. Martha was one of the contributors to The Art of Helping.

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