Unexpected Surprises!

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In July 2021, I joined a local art guild that encourages its members to show their work in the monthly shows they host. My husband nudged me. “It’s time to do it,” he said. So I filled out the paperwork, and finished applying the proper hanging equipment on the back of canvases and I was set to go. Was I surprised when a few days later I got a call that my painting, “Poppies A Bloomin'” sold to a couple from New Jersey. My work was finding a home clear across the country.

We are encouraged to bring in a replacement painting to cover the empty space once one is sold, so I did that. Next thing I know, another call. “Vibrations in Color” sold to a woman who absolutely loved all the colors. Wow.

Last month, again, I got a call. “Autumn Glory” sold.

I will never take for granted the excitement or joy of selling my art work. To think that a stranger likes my painting enough to buy it is all the adrenaline I need to keep me going.

(I would love to show pictures of these paintings but I haven’t learned how to incorporate them in this new program. I hope to soon.)

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