Swap writing for painting … it’s all about creativity

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Swap writing for painting … It’s all about creativity.

It has been quite a while since I updated my website, but here I am, at last. Why have I been absent? It’s been in a long season of illness and pain. I couldn’t imagine sitting at the computer writing back then, but one day I heard a whisper. “Color.” That’s it. One word. “Color.”

But you know what? I didn’t need more. I knew what to do. Get out the paints. And that’s what I’ve done. As you can see from the posted photos of some of my canvases, I love color, all kinds of it. Always have. I have a red living room, a yellow and blue “French” kitchen area, a magenta office and a sea foam green bedroom. Plus take one look in my closet and you’ll say, “Yup, she’s a color junkie.”

So, please enjoy these paintings. I’m back, color and all!

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