45 Years an Asthmatic – Healed!

Jim was a chronic asthmatic. The condition had dominated and controlled his whole life. When we prayed for him, the Holy Spirit brought his inner pain to the surface and he began to sob like a little boy!

When we asked Jim what was happening, this ‘little boy’ told us that when he was six, he had been standing on top of a stack of hay bales and couldn’t get down. His father told him to jump into his arms. So Jim jumped, but then his father stepped to one side and let Jim crash to the ground and his chest was crushed on the concrete. His father then said, “That will teach you never to trust your relatives!”

The physical injury was serious, but it was nothing compared with the trauma little Jim suffered in his heart. His dad had betrayed him. He was totally devastated and brokenhearted. The asthma developed shortly afterwards and 45 years later, his asthma was the defining condition of his life.

When Jim forgave his father, we asked Jesus to heal his broken heart. It was then possible for his physical body to be healed also. I will never forget hearing Jim cry out, “I can breathe! I can breathe!” Jesus├é┬áhealed him on the inside, he was delivered from a spirit of infirmity and his asthma was gone forever. He had no more symptoms, no more medication and was never again restricted by his condition. When the trauma on the inside was healed, his body could be made whole.

This story was taken from the March 2011, “michpochah,” Sid Roth’s ministry newsletter.

One of God’s promises is found in Isaiah 61:1 that says the Sovereign Lord will heal the brokenhearted. Traumatized people are literally brokenhearted. It’s often when God heals the inner brokenness first that people receive the physical healing they long for.

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