An angel’s job? To deliver a bracelet.

In November 2014, my husband and I took a trip and during that time, my husband bought me a beautiful tanzanite bracelet. After returning home and unpacking, I realized I couldn’t find my bracelet. Anywhere. I searched and searched. Distraught, I prayed, “Lord, I don’t know where that bracelet is, but You do. Please send an angel to return it to me.” Then I forgot about it.

Many months later, I was cleaning our guest bedroom and opened the top drawer in the dresser. There, to my dismay, was the jewelry store box for the bracelet! Excited, I opened the box expecting to see the pretty bracelet. But it was empty. How did the box get in this drawer, and where was the bracelet? Again I prayed. I felt certain this was a sign that the bracelet was nearby.

Just yesterday, January 29, 2017, I was preparing some watercolor painting supplies to work with a friend today. I have a fishing tackle-type box where I keep supplies and in it I had a brand new roll of rice paper. I wanted to rip off a big piece to take with me to my friend’s house and when I lifted the roll of rice paper out of the box, guess what fell into my hand? The bracelet!!

I am still amazed by this answer to my prayer. It has been many months since I’ve gone into this paint box. Yet there was my bracelet, safe and sound, sparkly and new. How did it get there? I can’t say for sure, but I know in my heart one of God’s messengers put it there for me to find.

This experience says so many things to me. God cares, even about bracelets. He loves to answer our prayers. Nothing is too small or trite in His view. Have faith that He hears. Angels are real! Just believe. His ways are mysterious and wonderful. Thank you, God!

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