Painting/creating heals a broken heart.

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This past week I watched a video about actor/comedian Jim Carey. I hadn’t known he was a painter. And a good one, I might add.

He said a few things that struck me and stuck to me. One is that painting can heal a broken heart. I didn’t know he had a broken heart until my daughter explained about his painful relationship break up. I’ve thought a lot about what he said, about how the act of creating can heal something broken inside of us.

As a Christian I believe what the Bible says about how God created the world we live in. He merely spoke it into being. “For He spoke, and it was done …” Psalm 33:9. Speaking a word was God’s medium, the way paint is for artists, or printed words are for writers. Of course, God can choose any number of mediums and His work will be and is, a smashing success. But for us humans, we choose our medium and go for it. Lately, mine is watercolor. I love how the water interacts and joins with the paint. It’s like no other process and it is exciting to see the results. Painting is a creative act, and because we are made in Creator God’s image, we have that attribute in common. He creates. I create. Voila! Connection. All I know is there is bubble of joy every time I mess around with paint and paper.

Jim Carey also said that he needs color. In fact, that statement was part of the subject line of the video and those words drew me in immediately. It’s hard to explain, but I need color, too. If you were to walk through my house, you would see a red living room, a blue and yellow kitchen, my office is chartreuse and the bedroom is sea foam green. Need I say more? My clothing is colorful too. Vibrant colors make me happy, make me feel uplifted. If I wake up with the blues, I make sure to wear red or orange and pretty soon I’m ready to tackle whatever the day holds.

I think God likes color too. It’s more than a guess based on some of the sunsets we see, the tropical fish brilliant yellow stripes In the depths of the sea, and the shades of red in Hawaiian ginger and other flowers, oh my! Even the glaciers of the north are colorful. Gorgeous beautiful turquoise ice. Color is just another one of his marvelous gifts to us. Can you imagine a black and white world?

I guess I wanted to say all this because too often we say drawing a picture or writing a poem is only a hobby, something we do when there is nothing else to do. But I’m saying by making the time to follow your creative passion, even if it is just a whisper in your mind, your broken heart may heal and your life can’t help but be enriched.

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