Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Review of Unloving Whispers

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Reviewed By Deborah Stone for Readers Favorite

Unloving Whispers (War of Whispers Trilogy, Book 3) by Martha Pope Gorris is inspiring, insightful, encouraging and discerning regarding the spiritual realm. Martha Pope Gorris lets us look into the spiritual realm and see the battle that rages around each one of us. We see that whether we win or lose depends on the choices that we make. Violet and Birch meet and are drawn to each other, even though they are an odd pairing. The challenges of life and the related spiritual consequences interfere with Vi and Birch’s new and tentative relationship. Before they can move forward, each must deal with their own hurts, failures and family issues. Only then will they know where God is leading them and whether or not they are destined to be together. To help them find those answers and win the battles along the way are those who stand guard in the unseen spiritual realm.

Martha Pope Gorris tells a well-written and powerful story about spiritual warfare in a way that even the non-religious can understand. Her knowledge and understanding of Scripture and spiritual warfare are evident and are put to good use, telling a heartfelt story that will encourage you to be much more aware of what goes on around you. The story of two troubled people finding their way through the maze of past hurts, addictions, lies and more is truly inspiring. Martha Pope Gorris’ story is thought provoking and will cause you to evaluate your own spiritual situation as it enlightens you and offers restoration and healing to your soul. I thoroughly enjoyed and was blessed by this book.

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