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The Echo of Whispers is Book #2 in the War of Whispers Trilogy and will be officially launched on November 2, 2014. Free copies will be given away on Enter to win!

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Feelings of rejection seem to follow preschool teacher Lina Baklanova. No matter what she does, she feels left out, alone and vulnerable. Why is she plagued with these thoughts and feelings? Why are they so familiar? She has suffered from them all her life.

Even though she is oblivious to the spiritual battle raging, two guardian angels, Lieutenants Milo and Vlad battle for her, warding off the dark whispers that seek to entrap her.

Milo and Vlad help her understand the dark thoughts may be an inheritance from past generations which can impact a person’s health. Is she a victim of this?

She discovers that not all inheritances are good; some are evil. Some are whispered down through the generations. She must admit her unconscious agreement with rejection’s lies, repent and learn how to breaks it’s power over her. Will this be enough to bring healing? Will God’s promises of love and acceptance enable her to receive the good inheritances assigned to her?

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