5 Star Review for War of Whispers

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5star-flat-web low res READERS FAVReviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite
Review by Mamta Madhavan – 5 stars

War of Whispers (Volume 1) by Martha Pope Gorris is an uplifting story of forgiveness and healing. Kat Kerrigan has been fired from her job as a TV anchor. She faces hard times with no job, a mortgage, husband working overseas, and a chronically ill teenage daughter. It hurts her that a diligent employee like her was asked to leave and she is filled with resentment, hatred, and anger. She moves to Boston and she tries to concentrate more on finding solutions to her daughter’s illness. Amid the problems and the negative emotions that consume her, Kat realizes the importance of forgiveness and healing.

The author handles a very thought provoking theme wonderfully. There are many dimensions to the story which make it very interesting. I liked the manner in which the author has looked into the realities of the real and spiritual worlds. Spiritual truths, guardian angels, and the real world have been woven together with a lot of care and expertise, making the plot effective. The images of the spirit world are surreal and captivating. The spiritual battle that goes inside each of us when we face problems in life and the problems that are on the outside have been portrayed well through Kat’s struggles.

This is a book with a gripping plot that conveys an uplifting message of healing and forgiveness, which is very important for everyone to move forward in life. I am eager to know what the author will come up with in the second volume.

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  1. Kathi Levellon 08 Aug 2014 at 1:10 am

    I just finished reading War of Whispers and loved it. I can’t wait to read what happens with the family in the next book.

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