If a squirrel can relax, so can I…

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This is a momentous occasion…my first blog. Like so many writers, I’ve been resisting joining the world of social media. Mainly because there are only so many hours in the day, and most of them are spent sitting here in front of this screen. But okay, I don’t want the world to pass me by, so here I am. And if I must be branded, I wanted “fun” to be part of it, so here we are! This friendly squirrel critter was lazing on my daughter, Meg’s back porch one day–in the middle of the day, mind you. He should have been busy gathering nuts or some such busy thing.

After thinking about the audacity of this guy, I realized I can learn something from this little fella. Taking a break, pondering the world around me can be a profitable thing, time well-spent. I think it makes God smile when I do that. Don’t you?

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