Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Review of “The Echo of Whispers”

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Reviewed By Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite

The Echo of Whispers is a valiantly chilling account of the power of redemption. Martha Pope Gorris exposes the warfare within heaven to liberate the life of Paulina “Lina” Baklanov. Standing guard over her life is Milo, Lina’s guardian angel. With the help of Vlad, Lina’s mother’s guardian, Milo wages an assault on the demonic attack against Lina. Lina endures a painful journey, while false accusations, death and heartache weigh her down with a tremendous burden. “There were moments when she simply couldn’t pray.” Rejection, abandonment, and bitterness taunt and whisper their lies. When a life altering diagnosis is given, it is time for Lina to make a stand and face the truth. Her divine destiny awaits. Lina must sever the ties of a generational curse, breaking down the stronghold that holds her captive.

Martha Pope Gorris writes an emotionally charged, riveting tale in The Echo of Whispers. Gorris takes the reader into the realm of the angelic and the demonic, displaying violent and sensory battles. She explicitly illustrates the scripture: “the angels will have charge over you.” It was a brilliant approach to give distinct odors as descriptions to the demons! Gorris’ inclusion of scripture is impressive; it is obvious she is well versed. The Word of God is a mighty tool utilized in spiritual warfare. The story’s plot builds page upon page. Gorris allows her main character to falter and then grow, developing a dynamic character arc. The protagonist is expressively written; the reader feels her pain, agonizes, and endures her thoughts, and ultimately celebrates her victory. A surprising little twist thrusts the narrative to its climatic turning point. The Echo of Whispers moved me and gave me chills. Most of all, it gave me pause to reflect on my own life and to once again celebrate the joy of my salvation.

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When Healing Miracles Seem Elusive.

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I don’t know about you, but when I’m sick or have a physical problem, I pray. I ask others to pray. It’s the best time-tested way of getting better. Right?

I also believe in miraculous healing. I’ve experienced it. Years ago, I had a fractured tail bone ( I fell hard on my back while ice skating). Talk about pain! Every time I sat down, PAIN. It was awful. But then one amazing night I attended a healing conference full of expectation. When the ministers called for those with tail bone problems, I flew to the stage. In a matter of moments, I was completely healed. No more pain. What an experience! An encounter with Jesus. Since then, I’ve been passionate about healing.

But in this season of my life, I am still learning healing can come in other forms. Doctors, of course. I would never want to discount their medical knowledge and I have benefited from it many times.

Recently, I was reading a book entitled, “Beautiful One.” Each chapter is written by a well-known woman in ministry. I was especially struck by the chapter by Randy Clark’s wife, De Anne. Like me, early on in her walk with God, she experienced miraculous healing. But also like me, later on, when physical problems arose, miracles seemed elusive. What she discovered was that God was speaking to her about her temple, her body. One time she was led to fast. Once she detoxed, she felt much better. Another time she realized her breathing was too shallow and learned to take deeper breaths. Then she was led to a book that taught her how to repair inflammation in her body. Each time God was teaching her how to better care for her body.

De Anne says, “God has a plan mapped out for your life, and it includes a life of health and physical well-being, as well as spiritual. Seek the Lord’s wisdom in all things. Ask Him, ‘What do I do now?'”

Be encouraged. Healing will come if you continue to pursue the Healer.

Jesus' extended handRemember Romans 8:28, that God works all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

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NEW RELEASE! Enter to win a copy.

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The Echo of Whispers is Book #2 in the War of Whispers Trilogy and will be officially launched on November 2, 2014. Free copies will be given away on Enter to win!

Echo_of_Whispers_Final_Cover-1 Front only

Feelings of rejection seem to follow preschool teacher Lina Baklanova. No matter what she does, she feels left out, alone and vulnerable. Why is she plagued with these thoughts and feelings? Why are they so familiar? She has suffered from them all her life.


Even though she is oblivious to the spiritual battle raging, two guardian angels, Lieutenants Milo and Vlad battle for her, warding off the dark whispers that seek to entrap her.


Milo and Vlad help her understand the dark thoughts may be an inheritance from past generations which can impact a person’s health. Is she a victim of this?


She discovers that not all inheritances are good; some are evil. Some are whispered down through the generations. She must admit her unconscious agreement with rejection’s lies, repent and learn how to breaks it’s power over her. Will this be enough to bring healing? Will God’s promises of love and acceptance enable her to receive the good inheritances assigned to her?

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Respecting Suffering

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Suffering is often lonely. Those moments when you are alone, in pain, longing to be set free, longing to be healed, but you’re not. Trying to explain it to others or to yourself. It’s lonely. You haven’t done anything to deserve illness. You’re a good person. You repent when you’ve done wrong. You apologize to your spouse for the harsh word spoken. There are so many other people out there who are more deserving of pain and illness, but they seem to go scott free.


This morning I picked up my Message Bible and turned to Job to find comfort. You see, I’ve been suffering from inflammation and joint pain for almost a year now. Every day, waking up with cramped fingers, feet and knees. Getting out of bed takes effort. There’s no bouncing out these days. Yes, I’m seeing a doctor and we are trying new things, but so far, I am not getting the relief, the HEALING I would like. So, I turned to Job. In his commentary before the first chapter, author Eugene Peterson makes a statement that stopped me. “In the course of facing, questioning and respecting suffering, Job finds himself in an even larger mystery–the mystery of God.”

Respecting suffering. I thought about it for a long time. Yes. When you suffer day in and day out, there is a respect that develops for this thing, this power over you–suffering. Peterson goes on to say: “Perhaps the greatest mystery in suffering is how it can bring a person into the presence of God in a state of worship, full of wonder, love and praise. Suffering does not inevitably do that, but it does it far more often than we would expect.”

“The fact of the matter is that more often than not, people do not suffer less when they are committed to following God, but more. When these people go through suffering, their lives are often transformed, deepened, marked with beauty and holiness, in remarkable ways that could never have been anticipated before the suffering.”

And so it is with me. I know that I am being transformed, that veils in my life are being torn down. Veils that have hidden pride or hostility or any number of things. Somehow, the suffering has tuned me in, sharpened my hearing. And I’m not liking what I’m hearing and recognizing. Really? I’ve been harboring THAT for 40 years? Oh my. Tears and more tears. And yet, after repenting and wiping away the tears, there is worship and praise to my God who loves me so much that He will continue to transform me into his image, in spite of myself. So while I am suffering, I respect it. And I am thankful for the work it is doing in my soul.


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The difference between truth and fact … a healing principal

Truth is a higher reality than fact.

2 Corinthians 4:18 reads “…things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”

In the story of Joshua and the 11 other spies sent to check out the promised land, ten said the giants were too big and it would be impossible to capture the land. However 2 of the 12, Joshua being one, saw the possibilities.

The fact? There were giants in the land.

The truth? The Israelites were completely capable of defeating them with God’s help.

Now apply this principal to your health.

The fact? You may be sick. You may be in pain. You may have a diagnosis–a bad diagnosis. It looks bad.

The truth? Your healing was already accomplished on the cross of Jesus. His blood was shed for you. “by His stripes we are healed.” You are healed. You are being healed. Contend for the truth in your life. Battle to have the truth win. Declare healing scriptures over your life, over your body. Use your authority as a child of God to obtain your promised land of health and wholeness. Don’t focus on the giants of fact. Rather, zero in on the possibilities of the truth of God’s pro


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Soaking. What’s that?

Category: Intimacy with God   When we think of soaking a food-encrusted dish, we let it sit in water to soften it so we can then wash it. Soaking in God’s presence is like that. We sit and let the music soften our hearts and prepare our spirits to commune with God. I love Julie True’s music. I hope you will experiment with soaking while listening to this piece.

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5 Star Review for War of Whispers

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5star-flat-web low res READERS FAVReviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite
Review by Mamta Madhavan – 5 stars

War of Whispers (Volume 1) by Martha Pope Gorris is an uplifting story of forgiveness and healing. Kat Kerrigan has been fired from her job as a TV anchor. She faces hard times with no job, a mortgage, husband working overseas, and a chronically ill teenage daughter. It hurts her that a diligent employee like her was asked to leave and she is filled with resentment, hatred, and anger. She moves to Boston and she tries to concentrate more on finding solutions to her daughter’s illness. Amid the problems and the negative emotions that consume her, Kat realizes the importance of forgiveness and healing.

The author handles a very thought provoking theme wonderfully. There are many dimensions to the story which make it very interesting. I liked the manner in which the author has looked into the realities of the real and spiritual worlds. Spiritual truths, guardian angels, and the real world have been woven together with a lot of care and expertise, making the plot effective. The images of the spirit world are surreal and captivating. The spiritual battle that goes inside each of us when we face problems in life and the problems that are on the outside have been portrayed well through Kat’s struggles.

This is a book with a gripping plot that conveys an uplifting message of healing and forgiveness, which is very important for everyone to move forward in life. I am eager to know what the author will come up with in the second volume.

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War of Whisper, novel of healing, free giveaway

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War_of_Whispers_Cover_FinalMy novel, War of Whispers, is a story about a family with a chronically-ill teenage

daughter, a dad who is on assignment overseas and Kat, who just lost her job as a TV

anchor. Through their everyday challenges, the reader takes a journey of

exploration–checking out Kat’s thought life.  She has two guardian angels who try to

direct her thoughts, but they aren’t always successful. Well, that’s enough of the story

for now. But check out and sign up for a free giveaway copy

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Healed of Cancer

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healed of cancerA friend gave me a little booklet entitled, “Healed of Cancer.” It’s by the mother of TV Evangelist, Joel Osteen. In October of 1981 Dodie Osteen started experiencing symptoms and in December received the devastating news that she had metastatic cancer of the liver. The doctors told her that they could not find the primary tumor. She only had a few weeks to live! What a shock.

The booklet describes what her family went through, and with one son a doctor, he knew the seriousness of his mother’s diagnosis.

Dodie is careful not to advise everyone to go the route she chose. “Do whatever you feel peace about in your heart,” she says.

She and husband believed in miracles, believed what the Word of God has to say about healing. She knew that this would be a supreme test of her faith. She couldn’t rely on the faith of her husband or the great healers of the day that they knew personally. It would be up to her to exercise her faith.

She made choices about how to live. She only slept at night, never napped or succumbed to how she felt. Even at 89 pounds, she determined not to act sick. When she went home from the hospital after receiving her diagnosis, she said to her husband John: “Darling, you are the head of this house. You are going to have to take authority over this cancer in my body. We must agree that God is going to heal me and make me whole.” So they did. John anointed her with oil and together they prayed a prayer of agreement, taking authority over the cancer in her body.

“That is when my healing began,” she said.

In her journey back to health, even though it took a long time for her symptoms to go, she believed in her heart she was healed. She prayed and examined her heart. She wrote letters of forgiveness to those she might have offended and forgave others. She did everything she knew to do to have a positive, hopeful attitude.

She placed a picture of herself riding a horse, healthy and smiling by her bedside as a reminder.

She also went out and prayed for others. James 5:16 says, “Pray for one another, that you may be healed.”

When you are fighting a battle, if you will give out of your need, God will cause your answer to come to you quicker. Acts of service help to shift focus from yourself to others.

Believing that God’s Word could not lie, she had complete confidence in the words between the pages. Hebrews 10:23 “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.”

Day by day she gained hope and encouragement from the promises in the Bible. The Word became her life. She read and confessed the scriptures daily.

Occasionally, she wavered and became weary. Her husband asked her if she stopped believing in her heart. “No,” she replied. Then, he said, “Your heart is established. Resist the thoughts from the devil and he will flee from you.”

Did she battle fear? Oh, how she battled fear! Satan would torment her with the doctor’s words, “You have only a few weeks to live ….” But she learned to replace those thoughts with God’s Word. “With long life will He satisfy me, and show me His salvation.” Psalm 91:16

She quoted scripture continually and the devil challenged every step of faith she took. He would whisper things like, “It hasn’t done you one bit of good to confess the Word of God, has it?”

These were just some of the things she went through in her battle over cancer. Today, she is healthy and is seen regularly on television. I recommend getting a copy of this booklet from Joel Osteen’s Ministry and read for yourself this incredible victory of faith and perseverance.




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Healing Isn’t Always An Easy Fix

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Anyone who has read my blog posts knows I am passionate about healing. Passionate for people to know that God heals today, that He is the same today as He was when He walked the earth. I believe that there are spiritual roots to sickness, like the unforgiveness and grudge holding I’ve spoken of before. I do. I really believe that when we clean up our own “stuff” — pride, jealousy, offense, selfishness and laziness, to name a few, we will be healed. And yet, I wish it were that simple.

Be in Health, a ministry I have learned a lot from, teaches about spiritual roots. There are difficult roots to heal from–like a wife who has not been “covered” by her husband’s headship. Or someone who does not feel loved. Yes, not feeling loved is the root of several illnesses. Ungodly order in the home is another root–that is when a home is not operating the way God has prescribed, with a father as the head and the mother his helpmate. It may sound old fashioned in today’s culture, but God’s way is never out of fashion.

Sometimes our life circumstances are beyond our control. Sometime we are brokenhearted or wounded without cause, or we are stuck in a situation where there is no relief, at least for a time. I am thinking of care givers, who for extended periods are under a lot of stress, or a single mother, trying to do it all for her family, or someone in the throes of divorce. We can think of any number of situations where life is out of our control and we are stuck  in the muck.

Maybe you are working through healing a broken heart. You’ve been trampled on by someone who should have loved you, but they didn’t. That kind of rejection isn’t healed with the snap of fingers. It takes time. It takes tears. It takes talking to God over and over, and casting your cares on Him.

In the last couple of weeks, I have heard of the healing of soul wounds by Katie Souza, who heads Expected End Ministries. Our soul is our emotions, our hearts and minds. And these deep places can have wounds that are often overlooked. I’ll be honest. I’m just starting to explore this exciting avenue of healing. So stay tuned for more in the future of how our God heals even our deepest hurts and traumas.








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