New Release! “Unloving Whispers,” Book #3

Unloving Whispers Cover CSP FC

Hungry for love, Violet Vander hides her secret from everyone.

Its roots are buried in her dysfunctional childhood.

She discovers a way to soothe the empty places in her heart. But an unloving demonic spirit uses Vi’s pain to feed her thoughts :

Not good enough.

Don’t fit in.

You’ll never succeed.

                                                  God doesn’t care.

She believes these lies about herself and God.

An unexpected love interest emerges with Birch Montgomery, who is also plagued by unloving spirits. Guardian angels Pell and Laine must free them from their bondages and guide them to God’s love and their kingdom destinies.

Can Violet and Birch endure arduous spiritual battles to find the way to breakthrough and healing—together?

Now available on, and soon on Kindle and Nook


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