Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Review of “The Echo of Whispers”

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Reviewed By Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers Favorite

The Echo of Whispers is a valiantly chilling account of the power of redemption. Martha Pope Gorris exposes the warfare within heaven to liberate the life of Paulina Baklanova. Standing guard over her life is Milo, Lina’s guardian angel. With the help of Vlad, Lina’s guardian, Milo wages an assault on the demonic attack against Lina. Lina endures a painful journey, while false accusations, death and heartache weigh her down with a tremendous burden. There were moments when she simply couldn’t pray. Rejection, abandonment, and bitterness taunt and whisper their lies. When a life altering diagnosis is given, it is time for Lina to make a stand and face the truth. Her divine destiny awaits. Lina must sever the ties of a generational curse, breaking down the stronghold that holds her captive.

Martha Pope Gorris writes an emotionally charged, riveting tale in The Echo of Whispers. Gorris takes the reader into the realm of the angelic and the demonic, displaying violent and sensory battles. She explicitly illustrates the scripture: the angels will have charge over you. It was a brilliant approach to give distinct odors as descriptions to the demons! Gorris’ inclusion of scripture is impressive; it is obvious she is well versed. The Word of God is a mighty tool utilized in spiritual warfare. The story’s plot builds page upon page. Gorris allows her main character to falter and then grow, developing a dynamic character arc. The protagonist is expressively written; the reader feels her pain, agonizes, and endures her thoughts, and ultimately celebrates her victory. A surprising little twist thrusts the narrative to its climatic turning point. The Echo of Whispers moved me and gave me chills. Most of all, it gave me pause to reflect on my own life and to once again celebrate the joy of my salvation.

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