Healing Isn’t Always An Easy Fix

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Anyone who has read my blog posts knows I am passionate about healing. Passionate for people to know that God heals today, that He is the same today as He was when He walked the earth. I believe that there are spiritual roots to sickness, like the unforgiveness and grudge holding I’ve spoken of before. I do. I really believe that when we clean up our own “stuff” — pride, jealousy, offense, selfishness and laziness, to name a few, we will be healed. And yet, I wish it were that simple.

Be in Health, a ministry I have learned a lot from, teaches about spiritual roots. There are difficult roots to heal from–like a wife who has not been “covered” by her husband’s headship. Or someone who does not feel loved. Yes, not feeling loved is the root of several illnesses. Ungodly order in the home is another root–that is when a home is not operating the way God has prescribed, with a father as the head and the mother his helpmate. It may sound old fashioned in today’s culture, but God’s way is never out of fashion.

Sometimes our life circumstances are beyond our control. Sometime we are brokenhearted or wounded without cause, or we are stuck in a situation where there is no relief, at least for a time. I am thinking of care givers, who for extended periods are under a lot of stress, or a single mother, trying to do it all for her family, or someone in the throes of divorce. We can think of any number of situations where life is out of our control and we are stuck  in the muck.

Maybe you are working through healing a broken heart. You’ve been trampled on by someone who should have loved you, but they didn’t. That kind of rejection isn’t healed with the snap of fingers. It takes time. It takes tears. It takes talking to God over and over, and casting your cares on Him.

In the last couple of weeks, I have heard of the healing of soul wounds by Katie Souza, who heads Expected End Ministries. Our soul is our emotions, our hearts and minds. And these deep places can have wounds that are often overlooked. I’ll be honest. I’m just starting to explore this exciting avenue of healing. So stay tuned for more in the future of how our God heals even our deepest hurts and traumas.








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