Doubt and unbelief — blocks to healing

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wheelchairIn my last post I told about my healing ministry trip to Brazil. Why, you ask, go to Brazil? There are plenty of sick people right here at home.

How true. But what’s the faith level for healing in America? Does your family ask God for healing when they need it? Your friends? How about you? Do you run to the doctor first, or to God? Your answer reveals the truth.

The reason Global Awakening goes to Brazil is because the people there have not been taught that healing is obsolete or not for today. They believe what the Bible teaches, and they believe that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever. It’s that simple.

And I have to tell you that it was plain ole FUN to be a part of God’s healing plan for people. To be used as an instrument for His good works, well, I’m hooked.

The good news is that revival is coming to America. Healing is coming. Signs and wonders are coming. Even big name evangelists, one I am thinking of in particular, is leaving Africa to come to America for his crusades. I am overjoyed at the prospect.

After I landed in the states coming home from Brazil, I went through Customs. The officer asked me what I brought back. I said, “Absolutely nothing” (material goods, that is). Seriously, I think he was dumbfounded. So he asked me what I did when I went there. “I was on a healing mission.” “What’s that,” he asked. So I told him. He asked if I’d seen any miracles. I told him the wheelchair story. His reply was like being splashed with ice water .

“But isn’t all that stuff STAGED?”

I laughed and said,”No, it wasn’t staged. It was simply the healing power of Jesus Christ.” He got a weird look on his face, then stamped my passport and waved me through. I walked away and thought, Welcome home. It occurred to me that he represents many in America, taught to be skeptical of God’s mighty workings. But soon, that will change.

I’ve seen evidence first hand of how God is at work today. I will follow His ways and believe that He is the giver of good gifts to His children who ask.



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