Healing in Brazil with Randy Clark

Randy ClarkThis past Tuesday I arrived home after almost two weeks in Brazil with Randy Clark’s organization, Global Awakening. Eighty other people from around the world met up to minister to the sick and needy of Sao Paolo, Ribeirao Preto and Uberlandia. It was amazing, inspiring and a privilege to pray for so many and SEE results.

One night, two wheelchairs were wheeled in. One with an 8 year old boy who had never walked; the other with a young woman of 25, depressed and invalid in her chair. Okay, I remember thinking, is my faith big enough? As it turned out, others prayed for them, while I focused on a woman with terminal liver cancer.

When I looked up, the 8 year old boy walked out of the room with his parents, wobbly but ecstatic to be on his own legs! Imagine the **JOY**!

The young woman was bound up by unforgiveness, but at the urging of the prayer team, let go and repented for her bitterness. As she did, her legs began to move and a smile replaced her depressed face. Soon, she too was up and walking, praising Jesus. Our God reigns!

There were many prayers for healing we will not know the results of on this side of eternity. Like the teenage girl I prayed for who wanted to be a ballerina but was told by a doctor that she had bad knees and couldn’t dance. She didn’t even want to come forward for prayer, but I urged her to ask Jesus. After all, He is the One who put the desire in her heart to dance. The pain left her knees and I am believing that one day soon she will be dancing for the Lord.

Or how about the baby with a colon problem? The girl with no kidneys, on dialysis? Or the man with Alzheimer’s? We may not know the outcome today of our prayer, but in faith, I believe God is at work healing their bodies.

We did have one wonderful end to a story that carried over from last year. A young woman was in a motorcycle accident the night of the healing service at her mother’s church. The mother got the call that her daughter’s skull had been split open, and that her gray matter had bulged out. In fact, the daughter had been dead for 20 minutes. The team prayed, declared and believed. There was no way of knowing when they left Brazil what happened to the daughter.

But this year, the mother returned with her daughter, who had been raised from the dead by the prayers of the faithful. Her brain function was completely normal and she claimed God’s healing. You would never guess by looking at her what a horrific accident she’d been in.



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