Can’t Forget? Emotional Healing Needed.

Ever have trouble forgetting a painful incident? I do. I can forgive, say I’m letting it go, but the stubborn memories won’t leave. I remember every detail of the hurtful encounter to the point of tears. Does that mean I haven’t forgiven the offender? Not necessarily. It may simply mean that my soul (mind, will and emotions) needs healing.

Jesus said He came to heal the brokenhearted. At times in my life, I have felt brokenhearted, so very disappointed in another and in utter shock at their treatment of me.

Recently a friend said something extremely hurtful to me. I was caught off guard, stunned at the tone of voice and the sharpness of the words. Where in the world did that come from, I wondered? My first knee jerk impulse was to withdraw and abandon the friendship. But instead, I chose to forgive her by an act of my will. Done. But what about the sting that remained whenever I thought about it?

When we hear the word healing, immediately we think of our physical bodies. bandaged teddy bearBut what about the other parts of us? Those invisible but powerful body parts we often forget? Forgiveness is spiritual healing. But what about our souls? Do we pay attention to our soul healing?

I asked the Healer of our souls to come and heal my heart, to remove the sting, to let His love bandage me. I like pictures, so I visualize Jesus walking toward me in a brilliant shaft of light. It is so bright I can’t recognize the features of my Lord’s face. And in that brilliance of His glory, the pain and hurt dissolves. The sting, the arrows, the rejection, the abandonment, the fear, all of it, gone.

For you, maybe a simple prayer inviting Him to heal your heart is enough. Ask Him what would work best for you. Blessings on your soul.

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