Another kind of healing: pornography, John Bevere’s story

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John Bevere is a renowned author and teacher. I was surprised to come across this YouTube video of his testimony about being healed from pornography, which is an insidious affliction polluting the church of Christ.

A few years ago, I heard that Anne Graham Lotz would be speaking at a pastors conference here in town. It was a chore making the time, finding parking but I managed to slip into the noisy conference center just before she was announced. I had no idea what her topic would be but that didn’t matter. She is a Godly woman who would preach and teach God’s Word.

Was I surprised when a few sentences into her message, Anne, usually so soft spoken, adamantly condemned pornography. The huge room full of men committed to preaching the gospel became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Obviously, she had hit a nerve. I continued to be shocked when she gave statistics about hotels reporting that during pastors’ conferences, adult movie orders soared. Not only is pornography epidemic in our culture, it is epidemic in our churches, and in our pastors’ homes.

The good news is there is always hope in Jesus. Victory is available, as John Bevere testifies to. Another excellent resource is Jonathan Welton’s book, Eyes of Honor, detailing his struggle with sexual sin and what helped him.

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