A Great Healing Ministry – Be in Health

People have asked me many questions about healing and deliverance and I know of no better ministry than that of Be in Health located in Thomaston, Georgia. They offer a week-long seminar called “For My Life” which teaches biblical foundations to health and wholeness. Spiritual roots to disease are a completely different approach to healing–at least they were for me. The scriptures are taught, and slowly it all comes together, like a light bulb getting brighter and brighter as it warms up. Aha! Why isn’t the Christian church teaching all this? I can’t tell you how many people have said that to me. It’s a question I don’t have the answer to.

At Be in Health, there is a lot of repentance going on. You know that little grudge you’re holding against a certain family member? Well, that little grudge is bitterness, or said in a different way, unforgiveness. The Bible says if you hold unforgiveness against someone, your sins won’t be forgiven. Ugh. I certainly don’t want to answer up for stuff like that on Judgment Day. So why not clean house and get rid of all that stuff? You’ll feel so much better, and your body will, too. Healing comes when you slough off all that garbage.

Then there’s envy and jealousy, rejection and abandonment, unloving and let’s not forget fear. Be in Health addresses each of these strongholds and helps attendees to understand how we have allowed them into our lives. Sometimes a trauma in childhood invites fear and we don’t even realize it.

In the weeks ahead, I’ll be writing more about these strongholds and how they affect us. So stay tuned!

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