Surgery and Prayer, a Duo for Healing

I asked 32-year-old Megan permission to write about her, just so you know.

For months she had been suffering from debilitating pain, not in her back, but shooting down her leg, along with super sensitivity and numbness. An MRI confirmed she had a significant extrusion of disc material pressing on the nerves in her back. Cortisone shots were offered, but the success rate seemed awfully low. Still, she opted for the least invasive treatment. She had one shot of Cortisone.

Time revealed the shot didn’t have the desired effect.  It eliminated the need for drugs but didn’t relieve enough of the pressure on the nerve to eliminate chronic numbness in her foot and leg. The surgeon said it was one of the biggest disc extrusions he’d ever seen.

Surgery was scheduled.

Meanwhile, everyone prayed for Meg. And prayed and prayed.

The surgery was performed. The surgeon said the extrusion had started to heal since the MRI was taken months earlier.  (Surprise, surprise!)

Meg went home and is regaining her strength on a daily basis.

The moral of the story? Healing takes many forms. We believe Meg is experiencing ongoing healing because the disc started to heal as the result of all the prayers made on her behalf.  With each passing day, her body is recovering and her healing progresses.  And that is cause for celebration and gratitude to God!

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