Healing isn’t just physical

All healing isn’t physical healing. Sometimes the healing we need is from emotional wounds in our soul. Now, you ask, what exactly is the soul? We’re three-part beings. Body, soul and spirit. The spirit part of us was forgiven of sin, healed, if you will, the moment we agreed with and received Jesus to be on the throne of our lives. He is our Savior, and He alone reconciled us to the Father. But what about the soul? What happens to it when we invite Jesus in? The soul begins on its own journey of healing and restoration in which we must actively participate. That’s why you can meet up with followers of Jesus who seem like they aren’t because their actions are so contrary to the Word of God. They may be full of anger and hostility, act like door mats or engage in sexual sins.

We’re all in different stages of progress. I think what catapulted me forward was the realization that I can’t just sit back, do nothing and expect to grow. I must be involved in the process. When I consciously began asking the Holy Spirit of Jesus to show me areas that needed healing, He did. Groan. I had hurts and grievances tucked away from 40 years ago. I’m not proud of it. Yet, I thought I’d dealt with all that baggage.

For example, when I was about 8, after school one day I rode my bike over to Patty G’s house. We’d made a play date and I was excited about spending a few hours with my new friend. I got there, parked my bike and knocked on the door with a big smile. Patty finally peeked through the glass in the door, opened it a crack and announced she was playing with Susie. I don’t remember her exact words but the message branded my heart. “I don’t want you. I reject you. Go away.”

I rode home with tears nearly blinding my vision. A spirit of rejection latched on to me that day, unbeknownst to me. The next time I experienced rejection, it felt familiar. And so the cycle began. Over time, I began to agree with rejection.

So how to heal something like that? One is a method used by Mark Virkler (Prayers That Heal the Heart) where he teaches about journaling and inviting Jesus into that situation. I can ask, “Where were you, Lord, that day at Patty’s back door?” Then I get quiet and listen to the impressions that come into my mind. Another method is taught by Katie Souza (see next blog) where she directs the light of Jesus onto a hurt. Both methods work, and perhaps there are more out there. Ask God for help in getting those soul wounds healed.

We tend to focus mainly on physical healing, don’t we? The good news is that once old emotional hurts and injuries are gone, illness in our body can leave, too.


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