Encountering God through Healing

I couldn’t wait to share my healing experience with my Mom over the phone. (I lived in San Diego, she lived in the Boston area.) She got very quiet. Then she said, “I wish you would return to the denomination you were raised in.” The implication tagged on to that was “and leave all this religious whacko stuff behind.”

But when it came down to it, nothing could squelch the joy in my heart. God, the Creator of the Universe cared about little ole me! After so many years of hearing ABOUT God, I had finally encountered Him. He’s real. Alive. And all powerful. It is still a marvel all these years later.

Over time, Mom and I would talk about healing, little by little. Then came her diagnosis: kidney cancer. It rocked all of us. She was the center of our family. She had to get well. I later learned she attended a healing service at her parish and as the priest walked around the church blessing people, when he came to her in the back pew, she had to sit down. With amazement in her voice, Mom declared, “I simply could NOT stand up!”

“That’s what happened to me,” I said. “It’s the power of God touching you.”

Mom was different after that. She wasn’t as skeptical. A door had opened in her heart and mind. I was thrilled, and expected that God would heal her just like He’d healed me.

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