A tailbone miracle.

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So what was my story of healing? My husband was in the Navy and we were living in Newport, Rhode Island. We had a great little pond behind our house and I would tell my husband how great it was growing up in New England…how we’d ice skate at the big pond across the street from our house. So as soon as the little pond was hard, we took our daughter, Kim for a ride on her sled while we skated in big circles. I admit it. I started showing off, skating faster, doing some fancy turns. It had been more than a few years since I’d been on skates. Only fair I point that out. When I went down, it was hard. Right on my coccix, better known as tail bone.

Pain. Pain. Pain. I won’t go into all the details but suffice it to say I had some big regrets. Sitting down was agony. Cortisone shots did not help. When Charles and Frances Hunter’s Conference of the Holy Spirit came to San Diego, I knew I was going and I went expecting to be healed. The excitement was electric. I got to see arms lengthened before my very eyes, and all kinds of miracles going on. I waited patiently, but the evening was wearing on and they hadn’t called out a single coccix. I felt my heart beginning to race. I had to get healed. I couldn’t endure the pain any longer. Please, Lord!

Finally, they said, “There’s someone out there with tailbone problems. Come on up here!”

That was all I needed. I glanced at my husband and like a bullet, I raced up to the stage. Two other people came for healing. So when Frances asked me what was wrong, I told about falling on the ice, and almost before the words were out of my mouth, she said, “be healed,” touched my forehead and I fell down. Fortunately there were “catchers” there. I’ll never forget the feeling. It was as though someone hit me behind my knees. I couldn’t stand up. I later learned it was called being “slain in the Spirit.”

All I know is the power of God zapped me, and somewhere in the process of those few seconds, He touched my tailbone. I stood up like a new person. I couldn’t believe it, but I could believe it. To this day, I love to tell the story of that wonderful miracle.

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  1. aliciagwensmithon 11 May 2010 at 1:01 pm

    That’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing it! I miss you!

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