Confessions of a story teller.

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I have a confession to make. I really like the way Jesus taught all of His kingdom stuff. You know, with stories. I think that’s why I like to write fiction, to show spiritual things set in stories, that way we can remember.

I find myself telling stories naturally. If my husband asks a question, often I reply with a story. He’ll say, “Will you answer my question?”

I’ll look at him blankly. “I am, if you’ll just listen,” I say with a huff.

I’ve learned some great stuff in the last couple of years. Mainly about healing. Funny, but I was really drawn to healing about thirty years ago. I really believed in it. I believed it was for today, not just for when Jesus walked the earth. And so when my mother got cancer, I told her all about my own miraculous healing. I didn’t think she was listening but I found out later she was. The best story of all is someone’s story about how God healed them. Don’t you think? We listen well and listen hard. There might be some clues in there as to how it’s done.

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